Every day that is new there is something more to learn, as I see this, I now search for what I can learn more in from others as I go here and there, wherever, in learning as if on training wheels, being trained new everyday about what humility is, especially whenever I get that attitude of thinking I know, I seem to always find out I do not know. In truth I am learning this insight, that only God the one that created it all knows all.

So I am seeking the source and in doing so, I hear I will make you wise as a serpent and you will see to remain harmless as a dove.

That is what I am learning especially when I see evil going on all over the place in this world we all are in.

Thank you as I see to not harm no one, but seek justice, with this mercy given me, so I will be faith remain in humility not thinking I know everything, because I do not, but if I think I do, then to me I do whether others agree with this or not

As a man thinks so is he, by what he thinks is true, he reacts to and can harm others in that process, which I see as not good for anyone, do you?

Thank you Homwardbound I am headed home one day, as Father leads not me in risen Son for me


Dependence on physical sight

What I see I see and is reality. So to believe a lot of people do not believe what they do not see physically.

AS Jesus said this to Thomas, who told the Disciples he had to see Jesus as risen and touch him in his wounds he took for us. And he did do this, and was amazed and saw this as reality. As he Jesus was once known in flesh and blood.

Today no more, ever since he left back to Heaven and Father came here ten days later in Spirit and Truth, not in flesh and blood as Jesus did first for reconciliation to us all through his one time death for all to be reconciled as forgiven.

What happened on that day? what did Father do? Did Father speak? In what tongue language(s)?

And How did God do that?

He used the Disciples, who were willing to be used, are we, you, you, and you too.

For that is what Father seeks is the willing, not the manipulated or forced to belief to get things here on earth. For when you, I and others join a Church gathering, why are we joining? What is the purpose of being water Baptized in a Church?

Is it a good conscience towards God? Or to join that particular place of worship to get rewarded by the people there? To fit in to the crowd as when we first grew up as a child, did you, me and all of us do that? Do we not want to be accepted? Loved and appreciated?

I know of no one that does not want that, anyone that does not want that? How is that going here in this world we are in, trying to get acceptance from others, and when we don’t what do we do, and what attitudes do we get from that?

Are we called to love all, whether another believes like you or not? How can anyone do that, as in 1 Cor. 13:4-7? I can’t, have tried over and over again and never 100% accomplished that, anyone else?

So how can we get that? It is possible, just not by flesh nature, that is what I found out. And I am sure there are many others that have found this out too. So what to do,

As we hear this just believe, and so we do that and end up at the end of self in frustration over trying to do what we can’t do, not in flesh and nature first birth.

Born again has to happen, and how does one know if or when one is born again?

Belief, for me is all I see is to stand in belief, no matter what I do wrong or even might again do it as have, maybe you too. We eaxch know this truth individually inside self do we not?

Okay, so by Faith, belief we are saved by God Father of Jesus the Son for us to get this by belief.

Can one break this down. I do not know how,

But to turn to Father in belief that when Son Jesus went willingly to that cross, it was not for himself, it was for everyone else, whether there at that time or not, even all those before he went to it. And for everyone after it. He took away all sin from Father’s sight then and there and forever it is finished the sin debt issue. John 1:29 John 19:30

took away the sin of the world! Not in this earth’s eyes that is for sure otherwise there would be no sin here today, or would there be? You decide what takes away the sin of the world means.  In Father’s sight this is done, for us all to turn to him in prayer of being thankful it is done for us by Son alone. In appreciation ask to learn truth of this over the errors of this world we are in. See to get our minds renewed to see new from Father’s view, ever since Son, The Christ took away all sin from Father’s sight.

I can’t prove this physically as done for us. I can say I believe the messages the Disciples left us. That he is risen where Father in belief to this gives us new life to do new in belief Faith of

Christ is risen and all sin is out of the way of Father’s sight to now live in us and through us as we agree with this love and mercy given us, and learn to let go of having to do, should have done and better or else flesh nature attitude


For no flesh can or does please Father but ONE, that be his Son born og the Virgin Mary from in the tribe of Judah, where that lineage goes back to King David and then back to Noah and then to Seth, then to Adam and Eve. That is just the lineage of the true promised child. It is Jesus who is risen after his one time death for all took care of sin for us to be accepted by Father, to turn to Father in thanksgiving and praise, as 100% forgiven forever, whether another sins again or not, we all in belief will learn from the King to not sin less and less  by having our conscience purged from even the thought of sin, This is the good news and until one starts in belief to this truth to God in Spirit and Truth, one will not see the new.

It is amazing to me, how we all live here on this earth and do not think for a second about the air we breathe, that we do not see. That is reality is it not? Spirit, as God breathed into Adam, man became a living soul

Then lost that according the Bible. Then Jesus breathed on the Disciples and said receive the Holy Ghost. This was done to them after he was risen and hung out on earth ass proof then for forty days teaching the disciples new.

Yet they had to wait, before going out to tell of Son as risen where new life begins in them. 10 days, then Father in Spirit and Truth came and has not left this earth yet.

Are we listening, I trust Father to reveal as needed to each of us in this LOVE Truth of 1 Cor 13:4-7

Thank you



Covenant, Covenants

There are many Covenants in the Bible correct? Read it through to see all the covenants God has made.

Are these all ONE Covenant? Many and yet One, just as God is ONE, many forms but one

Like water, is also ice and steam, yet all water right? Just like water baptism has Spirit baptism, are the two One?  So is there only one Faith, One Lord, One Covenant?

Yet many that lead to the whole truth, nothing but the truth, as Father reveals this to each of us personally and collectively. Through Son this be done for us to get new and walk new, not of self, but of Love and mercy given us to respond back in love to all or just a few.

I see God loved us all first and has from day one in the fall of mankind. For he had mercy and did not kill them, Adam and Eve then did he? No, he clothed them and set them out of the garden then to show them on their own, they can try and till the land and do right, knowing good and evil now as if are God and are not.

Yet death has come to all ever since has it not? Yet we keep living one through the other in new birth, yes? And we now have how many people on earth born here every day, it is more births that deaths that happen everyday.

So I can say, God does just love us all, to continue to let this go on. Why did God not just kill Adam and Ever right then and there. Start all over again.

Wait a sec God did do this, saw the evil progress, so he saved Noah and his family in the flood he allowed all over this world. Killed everyone else, why?

No Love, none to everyone each, just to those these people chose only, think on that,

The Covenant is LOVE ALL, not only whom you choose, what good is that, for those in unbelief do that, so if you do the same and claim belief to God and do not love all as he has shown God does love all by Son for us all.

Then your claim is in vain. That is using God’s name in Vain and he will not flow through your Veins in his shed blood for you.

This done work for us by God through Son, is deeper, wider, higher, that anyone can fathom on their own, so turn to God in belief of Son as risen, for new life to walk in, not of self of his risen life for you to walk new in

After first his death took care of all sin for you in it, once for everyone, see Col. 1:21-23 and Romans 5:10 please. To see we are saved by Christ’s risen life for us after his death took away all sin form us in Father’s sight, to now by belief faith give us new life and know this too. This does not mean, you will not have troubles here in this world as have had already, might be even worse, Why?


For God’s enemies hate believers, so see James 1:1-12 or even Job the book of adversities in belief to God period.



love you all, whether in belief or not, that is whom God is, just loves us all so you choose to believe God or not?



Open up in trust to see whT IS DONE FOR US ALL

Yes, yes, yes, it is finished for us to gain new life given us from Father of Son that is risen after his death one time took away all sin first from Father’s sight.

What? I can sin and remain forgiven?
I can do it and remain forgiven, this does not make sense to me? I got to keep from sin, don’t I?

Go ahead, try not to sin and see clearly from not being able to keep from it, by trying not to do it. Or just don’t worry about it, and just sin anyway, you remain forgiven??????

See this perplexity in us that believe?

If I don’t go after to not sin, what do I fine or you if you have gone after to not sin again in strong desires to not?

Either way, I see me crushed in not me being able to do it, even if want to or not!

Come to the end of the energy of self desire to want to do right. What? Yes

Do you know how many of us are in a pickle, not seeing Jesus’s done work as a Big deal for us to have new life to reside in by Faith trust to Father to lead us in risen Son for us? It is not of works, of the forest born flesh and blood!

When one tries herd to not sin and be as perfect as possible it seems as a good thing does it not?

Well how you doing at trying not to sin?

Me, can’t do it, It is like taking ten apples, putting all ten (Ten Laws)  in my bathtub, and filling it up with water

All Ten Apples (Laws) are floating on the water. My Job under Law is to dunk every Apple under the water at the same time. Holding everyone under to be saved.

Anyone listening and seeing not one can do it? Only Jesus did this and if one does not understand this then see this

John 3:12-15 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

12 If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?

13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.  14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:  15 that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

Earthly things, can see understand we can’t physically dunk every apple under water at the same time?

Using two hands, then try getting in and using your whole body.

You might be really good at getting many of these down, maybe real good and get nine down, Yet when going for that tenth one, what happens, how many others that were under popped back up?

See our own depravity in being perfect ever? See our need for our Captain of our ship to take over and do the work not us

Therefore understand Paul in Gal. 2:20-21, even in Acts 20:21, or Col. 1:21-23 and after words see Romans 5:10 for I see I can’t be save in realizing it until I finalized first I am forever forgiven for any sin I have ever committed or even might?

What, we got to not sin right. Yes, under Law under the curse of the Law, that is perfect, and we are not, first born under the similitude of Adam and Eve

Born not perfect, as if are God, having the knowledge of right and wrong, in need of a savior to reconcile us each.

Done in Son, 2 Cor 5:16-20, so be reconciled as forgiven then ask Father for new life of the risen Christ to take over you and lead you new?
Or don’t, and just say you believe and do not search the whole truth out, and just go on with your wonderful merry life here on earth in thought you are saved and it is okay to not behave, since we all are forgiven by God now in Son for us.

Do we not understand that is exactly what the Corinthians did in thought of being forgiven. They took it for granted and used it to get what their own flesh desires wanted.

They harmed others, by taking away others free choices to say no to them in whatever these higher ups wanted

You see, so Paul wrote rebuke to them, in not understanding this forgiveness given them.

Are we listening, what this kindness from God Father of risen Son for us means?

Think on this wise, if you loved everyone and wanted not on shirt, harmed or even killed, and you saw this top save them?

Who would you choose to save, now you can only pick a few, Ten lets give you that, So who do you pick?

Your wife, your child, but there are more than Ten to pick to be saved, so how do you choose?

Would it be after much thought, Pick me, yourself?
And thu8s die once for all, you understand now, that is what Father of risen Son did for us all, to turn to him and ask in trust Faith to be born again in his risen Son for you and all persons ever born here on this earth from Man and Woman

John 3 covers this to Nicodemus about born again

So misinterpreted about water baptism today, it is a good conscious between God and you only to be baptized by water, but not to be saved by it.

What? Read it John 3 in what Jesus tells Nicodemus about being born again.
John 3:1-6

5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.  6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

Just use verse 5 and think it be of water baptism, then add verse 6 and see it is not of water baptism

It is of first birth in flesh and blood of man and woman having had sex.

And Jesus was not born of man, born of woman yes, therefore not one other one can do as is done for us by Son the Messiah, the way, the truth and the new life offered everyone in belief, to this is finished for us to now start new

In trust for Father to do the teaching as we are told in Hebrews 8:9-13

Love you all, homeward bound I am thanks to Father and Son as Won (One) for us to be in, thanking this truth, and not in taking it for granted, as I remember I have done and choose to stand in trust to be taught how to walk and not of self any more, nor this world I am in that acts as if good, when only Father is good as even Christ said that in Matthew 19, and in the other Gospels too.

Oh it is not me or you, it is Father and Son for us as Won time to let go of self,, which be all Father is waiting for to turn to him in belief and see new from him as the gift is given for us all to turn to him in belief and stand.



God does just love you and all

Love it again, verses bring out thought in me, not thoughts of doubt, thoughts of truth, as I listen from inside having two ears to hear, one mouth to speak, this way I can listen twice as much as I speak

Interesting verses you posted here below

Luke 6:36-37
Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful. “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

That was said before the cross happened in his one time death for us all. Reminds me of the prayer the disciples used in Matthew

Hallowed by thy name, they will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us as we forgive others.

Now before the cross, that this was in his one time death for all, were we all forgiven yet?

Not before his one time death, is what I see, anyone else?
So after his death, in that one time, did he take away the sin of the world? John 1:29, stated he was going to do that exactly, in his whose sight?

In Father’s sight it was scripture says is done, Ex: Col. 1:22  says, and even Jesus said this in Matthew 5:17, He did not come here to earth to destroy the Law and the Prophets, he came to fulfill the Law and Prophets.

So in his one time death, did he do what he said he came to do or not?

So if he did do what he said he came here to do, which he said he did in John 19:30 it is finished.

So either that prayer of the disciples that said forgive us of our debts as we forgive others their debts,

Is either done and finished after the cross or the Christ has to come and back and die all over again.

My point is, before the cross under Law, having to obey it perfectly, which no one could ever do.
Only Christ did this once for everyone at his death we are all reconciled as forgiven to God Father of risen Son now and forever.

So after the cross at his one time death did, do all, or are all forgiven in him?  What is left?

see the message to us from the disciples in 2 Cor 5:16-20, we are reconciled, forgiven by God Father thanks to Son’s one time done work for us all to stand in, even if sin again, which I bet we will, I know I have and felt guilty over it, which is a good thing to see and be, but when that takes over thee and one begins to repent and repent, not ever feeling good enough, because of lusts of this world we all have in us, that is not us anymore, because of Father’s gift to us each on the very first day anyone believed him in this done work of Son for them, gets sealed in the new life he Father gives to see, and so we go out and try to do it, and end up caught in us trying to do it, instead of seeing it is Father and Son that have done it for us.

So what is left, since all are now today and forever forgiven in him , as the gift given once see it as done.

TO BELIEVE, no matter what, stop trying to ask for more forgiveness, Father is not going to send Son back here to earth to die ever again for us to be new in him. It is finished!

Father wanted, demanded perfection, and that is done today forever in Son for us to be viewed as now new and perfect too, Thanks to the one time sacrifice of Son for us all.
Think on this wise, Adam sinned and death came to him, not right away, but inevitable to be one day. So he carried on with woman to have children, and here we all are today.

All have sinned, and so Father viewed this, and wanted not one to have to die. Wanted to restore everyone, but how can he choose those few and not all. What could he do?

The word stepped up (Jesus Christ) said send me, I will die once for all to be forgiven, so you afterwards in my being risen by you as proof I am the way, the truth and new life for all that turn to you in belief of me can live forever with us, in peace and serenity, as your enemies try to not let anyone see this, by causing as many troubles as can, for there to be focused on troubles and not faith belief in us as won for them to just walk new in love to all

See the heart of Father and Son as One now?

New life gets installed to us each on the first day of belief to see, even though I did not see this at first sight in that first day I chose to believe God in this done work of Son for us to get new life.

I have not stopped belief, even as we see in the book of Job, Job did not either, So go Brother/ Sister, stand in belief to he is risen where new life is given to walk in, not of self of the done work of God for us.
That is what is left, to believe or not to believe consciously, Once believe to be purged from the conscience of sin, so busy walking new in belief, faith to Father and Son there is no more time for sin again

As a man thinks, so is he

Proverbs 23:7, yet read it carefully from verse 1.

We are forgiven forever that is done by Father through Son forever, We are now left with this choice to believe, receive and just do as led. Or not and harm anyone else that gets in our way to have a good life here

Thanks Bob, as you do in your posts spur me a lot, I am going to take this and put it on God’s wedding sight too
Thank you

Love and mercy to all to be received from Father for sure, if one stands and does not give up belief to him, even in and through adversities

God’s Love for us all is in Son for new life to be given in and through us

There is so much depth to all of this, as has been said to us, want to know God?
seek with everything you got.

Do not give up, with the attitude of going however long the distance to see might be.

For it might be that our ow flesh and blood, gives up, especially since society puts time limits on things.

As I know I have given up physical stuff, I went after like a degree in school I started out on fire for it. And did not go the distance to get it.

Think on this wise, what is the most important thing people want, beyond this world’s offers of jobs?

Money in the bank and a wonderful spouse and children too?

Is it not Life everlasting, that does not seem real, not seeing it physically? Tell me, as I talk to me, here this post of wonderment here on earth for a short while, like maybe 80 years more or less?

I can learn a lot can’t I, and you too. How much is there to know, beyond the scope of just here on earth?

Can I maybe learn and seek out all I can and yet not belief there is a God that just love me and you all too?

Speaking to those that do not believe, or even just religious trying to figure it out to be close as can to perfect as religion teaches this to be new in going things, and God will be pleased attitudes of us, at least was me in past and could be again in a do-goober or look at me in belief I see attitude.

I do not, Only God Father and Son do, the two married as ONE for us to get this gift that is given through Son for us to rest in.

What, how I rest as sitting on the couch, eating Bon Bon’s

That is not how God Father and Son see what rest is. Or is it, you decide

I see me and you and all in belief too, are water glass vessels, ready to be filled and overflow to all that is near and around them.

Get it? I hope for this be why the Disciples had to wait, before going out to do the work called to do.
They knew the truth did they not? Christ hung out for forty days with them after he was risen telling them why he had to go to his death willingly first.

So why did they wait? They did not have to did they or else they would be smashed out by Father. NOT!!!!!!!
If that were or is the case, them Adam and Eve did not get Mercy did they? If God is a tyrant as many think God is, then Adam and Eve would have never lived after they denied God by not believing they would die if ate from that one and only tree told not to eat from.

So Why?????????????

Because God just Loves us all, when he finished the work on the sixth day, he saw all as good and rested on the seventh

Time for us to put our trust to Faith in this as truth for us to rest too.

Hebrews 4:9-13 tells me a lot as Father be the one and only one to reveal it to you too
Thank you as Father knows best, even Son himself as Son said this, and even only Father is good, as he had humbled himself to Father’s lead, think this might be what we each do too.

Wait as the Disciples did, and then spoke to all that was there that day in different tongues, they heard and asked what back to them in belief as they heard Father speak through those Disciples then

You see these tongues spoken then were not and were known and unknown, What?????

Yes the Disciples spoke in unknown tongues to those that heard them speak in their own tongue language
Thus believed, and spoke back to the Disciples in their own language tongue too, as they heard this they were amazed
As Father who separated Tongues in the Tower Of Babel, restore it to hear one another in Love and Mercy given us all by Son’s one time death and forever resurrection where new life begins in the resurrection.

And only Father gives this, not anyone else, no matter how good another may appear, no one is good but God.

So turn to him as said in Acts 20:21]

Homwardbound has, does, and does fall too, and sees his need that continues to himself that is not in charge as was at first birth

Thank you

Simply God just love us all


The Fellowship of the unashamed

The die has been cast, the decision has been made, I have stepped over the line, my past is redeemed, my present makes sense, as well

as my future. I will not look back, I will not flinch, my road is narrow, my way is rough, because in God I am safe and secure in his love and

mercy through Son forever, given me and all who believe, not just say it is so.

My Father in Spirit and Truth is reliable, to lead me into and through all adversities, his enemies try to put upon me. I stand in belief,

Faith given me to stand in, secured,sealed by Father in risen Son for me from that very first day I decided to belief his love and mercy of

Son for us all to receive free. It is done as Christ said is done for us all. When he gave up his ghost that was here for us to be given

reconciliation to us all from Father. Proven in his raising Son from the dead on the third day, raised as sanctified, approved of Father, to

us through the disciples testimonies of seeing him as risen. For their message has been reconciliation given through Son for us to get

new life in his risen Life to lead us in Father’s Spirit and Truth, now leading us, the flesh we now live in is dead, so we might see new, as

Father does this truth through us in continued belief.

Therefore I will not look back, back up or slow down in beleif to do as led to do from Fatherof risen Son leading me in his Spirit and Truth. When Father and Son come for their own, Father will have no problem

Father’s recognizing us, that stand in belief to his love no matter what happens to us, bad or good here on this earth first. Bottom line

God Father and Son as risen just love us all, time to stand in this thought of truth as it is, otherwise he would not have come to earth

and sacrificed himself for us to turn to him willingly to see, you decide would he have?

Thank you in the Father, Son that is risen for us and the Holy Spirit Father gives to us to live in side of us and through us, one we see this

willingly it will be, not by trying to make it be, yet without the hard work in trying to do what we can’t do, how would one know?

Homwardbound, thanks Father, Son and Holy Ghost, doing what was needed for us to get this gift to begin with.