Addition or Submission?

I understand this, the word has gone out to us all to hear and believe it or not. The Christ is risen as reported to us in the Bible from each one of the Disciples. They all attest to they have seen him as risen. All that is left for each of us is to choose to believe he is risen or not.

Somewhere, somehow, I think to this day everyone has heard, many claim to believe and make nothing more of it. Many say they believe as an act to get stuff here on earth to survive here.

There are those that have turned to God in belief that he is risen for them to be given new life to be led in. These whether choose belief or not, is what God knows or not, not me, you or anyone else. But by our own thought(s) in judging others by what we see the evidence of them do or not do as we think they should do or not do.

So what does this boil down to?

Are we, I, you and others adding Jesus to our thoughts, and then striving to do as told to do by the religions around us in there interpretations to them?

Or Submission to the risen Lord, unto his Lord, known as Father for us to learn to have no more fear of. 1 John 4:18-19

I know this and I can’t control this, is me the body I am in, is not redeemed or reconciled, what why but I want it to be, do you all want that too?

How can I or you, have any of you not ever gotten mad or upset? And righteously defended this, having your reason (s) for getting mad. Are these reasons righteous? Maybe or not, who really knows when we all have different opinions about things here on earth that go on. One says  yes go ahead and fight, argue and disagree with that other one as others say no that is not right. Well then who is right? Not me, even whenever I think I am right, yet when I think I am I AM, how about you too?

So adding Christ to my life is for my protection to be right over others that do not see as I see, is that right? How much more rights do I have being born here on earth the same as everyone else? How much do you have? Are we not all first born here from man and woman having sex, whether it was wanted or not, did you or I ask for this to be done, To live here in troubles and learn to get passed them?

You decide for self, I know I did not ask to be born here on earth, but am. I have had troubles, and still can and do have them. How about you too? Your choice to choose to see them or not and to hide from them or not. As for somehow, I know in first birth, I just was born not knowing a thing. I cried because the Doctor slapped my butt, when I cane out, I cried, I wonder if I cried in stating put me back in. I was comfortable in there. I ate because Mom ate, I breathed because Mom Breathed, I lived because Mom lived, put me back I was settled and comfortable.

Now I did not know this at first, as people would come by and say oh what a cute little baby, Me not knowing at all what was coming ahead in troubles to go through, any one else see this too?

So at around age two, for the first time I get told NO!, and I whine in not understanding as I was curious to this and or that, association everything to be put in my mouth. So the learning to behave takes place or not learning in rebuking, to do as I think to do, regardless of the punishing to not do I receive.

Anyone else following me? See we do not like punishment do we? We do like to just live though after being born it is not so bad, great here I am as I see others worshipping me as a baby, oh so cute they say. What am I better than the others I see that are praising me?

Do I think so before I face confrontation of not now being able to do as I pleased for the first two years of me?  What a Conundrum. So I and maybe you too, learned what to do to keep from getting into troubles. Whether we fake or act as one’s that behave or not to get stuff and not be punished?

Such as I learned to be a behavioral person, to be good enough to get on Santa’s list of gifts to be given me. Once a year, so did IO learn to add Jesus or whatever religion my parents or guardians endorsed to get good gifts from Santa then as told he was true and is not, except there was a Saint Nick, that has been turned into Santa Clause.

So I heard these words about being naughty or not, and that Santa makes a list each year whether we, I am naughty or nice. So what have I learned but to hide my not good actions and reactions, to stuff. Then when I got good gifts and knew from with in I had not been good enough to get them. I learned fakeness in just adding Jesus as my savior to others to hear to get stuff, What a sham this was at least for me to see this truth in how I responded to this Jesus I heard about in the Church I was brought up in, being Methodist.

And when I thought I was good and do not get good gifts, not understanding the need to have money to be given them, I got dismayed in them and disgusted, being in thought I had been good enough to get  god gifts and did not. Anyone else see this? The programming of to be good and not be bad? Is that good for us in the long run or is this deception of truth to us, learning to perform and act as if we are good and are not, each one in themselves knowing this we are not, at least I know this about me in a body of flesh and blood that God despises ever since Adam the first took upon himself in free will to eat from that one tree, he did and death came to all flesh. This has been this way ever since, until The Christ was risen from the dead as revealed when he was risen and ate with the disciples according to them in their messages given.

Which we each person has the free choice to believe this or not, choice is to believe or not believe, even try to believe by doing good works, which happened to me to do good work. I found out this truth.

EX: I took a bathtub of water and put in this tub Ten Apples, (Ten Laws) and I was to sink everyone of these Apples under water all of them at the same time, using two hands, I never got that chore accomplished. Try it, this is amazing to see what it means when it is said no flesh can [please God Father, but One, that do this task perfect, Now not one other can do this what is done for us by Son in Father and Father in Son. why?

Because Jesus was not born of man, born of woman yes, not man. For the first time ever, God himself was not ever known as Father. For Jesus came by a Virgin, Mary from the tribe of Judah.

So looking back in the fall of mankind, what brought it on? Woman right? She ate from that tree in front of Adam and did not die right away correct? So Adam saw this and doubted also, in what God’s enemy said to Eve, you won’t die, you be made wise! So when she did not die, Adam ate as well.

So death came to us all after them if one sees to believe the story left us from Moses when God told him all the cliff notes in what happened.

So in over time as Satan used Eve, God used Mary to reverse the curse that was on us. Death of us, in the Soul and Spirit that was not ever made alive yet, not completed as would have been if they did not eat from that one tree of the knowledge of good and bad then.

Ezekiel 36:26 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

26 A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.

This is done for us in the risen Son, yet I did not see this until I finalized his death for us all to get new life in his resurrected life here and now and forever in his love and mercy for us all to take and appreciate, submitting to this love and mercy not adding to it to get stuff here and now on earth, But first his death had to take away Sin all of it in his Father’s sight first. Otherwise Pentecost would have never come to earth to make us new in belief to his done work first.

What? Father came to earth in Spirit and Truth and is till here to renew us each in belief to his love and mercy of Son given us, As we might learn this in Col 1:21-23, Romans 5:1-10, Eph. 1:6,7,13 Psalms 103:12, 100:4, Job 19:25, Even in King David when he changed his mind from unbelief to belief, when Nathaniel faced him privately, he told David of his sin. Now David could have just killed Nathaniel then, for they were alone were they not?

So again have you, I and others just added Jesus to us? Or have we yet submitted for his lead not ours?

The very first prediction of the cooking King that has today been here and done what was needed was said in Genesis 3:15 would be done!

Might be time to see Acts 20:21, Gal 2:20-21 and not just add and go and do what we think is good or not. We hear many others tell us what is good or not. When only God Father is good, per Jesus this was said in the Gospels Matthew 19 for one. Only my Father is good, and today in his being risen and Father giving us this truth to stand in as risen, Father of Jesus is now our Father too.

Just some meat to chew on that Paul wanted to state to the Corinthians then and they were not yet ready to receive it yet.

To start, turn to God inside self and ask to see, and stand in trust as troubles come in, for that be the enemies of God trying to keep anyone from breaking through. But, yet the word, Jesus the Son can not be stopped, as has been tried to be stopped for over two thousand years now. So what has the enemies done? Joined in to try to deceive us, using religions to do this, read it in the Corinthians messages from Paul to them.

Satan himself appears as an Angel to fool even the very elect ones called out to expose him in his craftiness, such as Wiley E Coyote, can’t catch him The Road runner

Standing in God’s truth of Son risen form us, standing in even if one sin again, according to Father he has taken that out of the way for us to stand in as gone too. Purged, so when Father reveals this to each that do not quit belief to his love and mercy for them each will one day see. So do not give up searching the truth out, even especially in adversities that try to stop us.

Kind of be like a Job, and just do not curse God, stand in belief even through adversities, and one day see, as Job saw in the end Chapter,

Homwardbound I am in by him not by me or anyone else! Thank you Father and Son I see it is all you for us to be new in you top just love where there is no law at all against Love, your type as in 1 Cor 13:4-7 tells me of. And I ask for this type to be imputed as in Romans 4:17-25 Thank you as we all come together in his love and mercy given us all by Son’s one time death to save us in his risen \Life that you give only, knowing every heart’s reason to get the new heart and Spirit you give,

Thank you for all the troubles, that have been allowed for me to go through here on earth, in this valley of the shadow of death, to see to trust you and fear no more, you Loving us, as I did not see in adversities at first.

Thank you deeply














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I have been a believer for a long time, and yet have not ever to this day been a good person. Wanted to be, tried to be, and found out I can't be. Even though over the years I have stopped things that are not good for me, Like Drinking too much, used drugs and caroused in sexual relations. I came to the end of me, seeing I can't be a good person, especially when trying to be as in Romans 7 talks about this truth for us all I suspect, yet I can only speak for me, I am not innocent, even if as have quit many stupid things I did not think as stupid back then. I have gone through many a tragedies, that began at age 12, actually 14, at age 12, is when I first believed, God is real period. Yet at age 14, my older Sister died in Hade Ashbury, she was 18, died on an overdose. Which did not stop me from belief to there is a God that does just love us. But it did stop me in perplexities, missing my Sister Sue Schultz. Then my Dad died at age 17, then I joined the Marine Corps at Age 18, then I was put out on a medical release in that same year, under honorable conditions. Then my oldest Brother died, I was 21 then, and heard of his death. why and went to were he died on Campus Crusade for Christ, he was found leaned against a boulder, by hikers two miles above the sanctuary there. When I drove to San Bernardino, Lake Arrowhead, CA. I was to show up at Coronae's office. Where I head them say to me, that they could not find a physical cause to my Brother's death. They had already done three Autopsies on his death. From this point forward. my belief in God has not Changed, and have and still do go through troubles here on earth, even have many times sinned again against him and others as well.. So here I am to share my Oldest Bother's last words, that he said to my other Sister on the phone before he past away here on earth. He told her, she told me, He said to my sister "GOD JUST LOVES ME" So, hear I am, telling you all, God does just love us all, Col. 1:21-23, and Romans 5:10 verify this to me. ! was at age 21 when this happened, I turned to belief stronger than ever before, even though I drank then heavily, and did Marijuana then. It took another 6 to 7 years to walk away from these. Me seeing how it is not beneficial for me. So here I am to share, with others and others to share with me, their stories in failure or success, and to just love all as I now see we are loved first by God as in 1 John 4:19 states this To see what the true definition of Love is, as I see it is revealed in 1 Cor. 13:4-7, then 13 where this type of love from God whom we don not see physically is this Love that goes on forever. This is proven to me in all that has happened to me, kind of like a Job. As I now see we all are like a Job, so, will we deny God or not, If have, will we change our mindsets from unbelief to belief to God Father personally in Risen Son over the dead one? Acts 20:21 Love from God to us all, Love from God is the fulfillment of all Law to me anyway. Thank You so join in and write or respond to the writings I hear to write, whether you agree or not, please say so. I respect others thoughts, just please respond in kindness, if you disagree, we all are given free choice to choose freely whether we agree or not

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