God is the initiator. we are the responders in reality to me

What are we? Responders or Initiators, or both

What is a responder?



v. re·spond·ed, re·spond·ing, re·sponds


1. To make a reply; answer: respond to an email.

2. To act in return or in answer: firefighters responding to a call. See Synonyms at answer.

3. To react to a stimulus or to a treatment, especially in a favorable way: tumors that responded to radiation

What is an initiator?

[verb ih-nish-ee-eyt; adjective, noun ih-nish-ee-it, -eyt]

SynonymsExamplesWord Origin

See more synonyms for initiate on Thesaurus.com

verb (used with object), in·i·ti·at·ed, in·i·ti·at·ing.

to begin, set going, or originate: to initiate major social reforms.

to introduce into the knowledge of some art or subject.

to admit or accept with formal rites into an organization or group, secret knowledge, adult society, etc.

So we as people do initiate things do we not? We think of ideas and bring them to fruition, look at all the progress in today’s society.


So we have those that initiate and those who respond to those that initiate, EX: the Cell Phone today, created by mankind, even doing it wireless.


Big Business in creating, is there not?

Without responders, there would be no business would there, so the two go hand in hand. As we have initiators and responders, we have the same in good and or bad. In electricity, we have a positive and a negative, with out both there Is no light, unless

one goes back to the old ways electricity was used. It was three phase wiring, there were three Hot Leads to a circle, and each at 120 degrees apart, would made up 360 degrees as a whole circle. Which when each supplied electricity the circle would spin.

This is how electricity was used, until man found out how to make capacitors to cause the circle, (EG motors and such to run by its power).

So did man create electricity? Or does man just find it, here on earth and use it? So in retrospect, something, here on earth here had to be created first for this energy to be found and used, even manipulated to be used as man thinks to use it. Trial and Error.

Who was it that invented the light bulb? Was it Abraham, Lincoln? No Thomas Edison. How many errors in trying to get that bulb to give light? A lot, who invented the transportation, man did again in trial and error, all known today as Entrepreneur’s.

And we the people respond to these Entrepreneur’s, as long as it works for us. So man is a God, he thinks, he produces we respond and use to get along and live here do we not? So we know this truth, no matter what man has come up with or comes up with,

he only uses resources here on earth to make, manipulate and create out of stuff here already. Everything we see today is made out of the resources of this earth we are on and in a part of it, are we not? So who or what created this Earth and Universe, we

delve into, to find this out as man wants to know. All of us, no matter what anyone picks, chooses and or believes, this earth and the surroundings is here, however it got here it is here, and we as men use it to live here for as long as we can, do we not?

So maybe we now can take a look at Acts in the Bible left us, however interpreted by man it is what it is. Written to us to figure out things, like we all die and why? Not ever wanting to die, I see this from with inside me, maybe you too, You decide, I know

I have, even though all have died, I know most of my family has, I got two siblings left out of five plus mom and dad are dead also, not here in flesh and blood any longer. The Acts part I am talking about is when the Apostle Paul went to a town, that had

Acts 17:23 for as I was out walking I saw your many altars, and one of them had this inscription on it—‘To the Unknown God.’ You have been worshiping him without knowing who he is, and now I wish to tell you about him. If anyone decides to read this,

about what is said has taken place here. Read it please to see, what I am talking about how we as people do not want to die, so this town had flags, many of them wanting to be saved. Acts 17:22 So Paul, standing before

them at the Mars Hill forum, addressed them as follows:

“Men of Athens, I notice that you are very religious, 23 for as I was out walking I saw your many altars, and one of them had this inscription on it—‘To the Unknown God.’ You have been worshiping him without knowing who he is, and now I wish to tell you

about him. That is what Paul said at Mars hill then, according to what is written to us in it. About a Loving God to us all to turn to in belief, God has each and every one’s best interest at heart. (Jeremiah 29:11)

So I see me and many others, wanting peace and serenity here on earth. Some even sell their birth rites for that here on earth, not caring about harming others or not. includes themselves. So to get ahead, others get stepped on, for this gain for themselves and

those they love. I am looking at this happening to us all, to make it here on earth, being each in some kind of tragedy or many tragedies, however one responds to this makes one better or worse, even though might look good to others, having stuff here on

earth. This to me comes down to being truly loved or not whether in adversities or not. So I ask me, what am I doing, I know I need to have, I have to have. So how to go about to have, is what I see is key to being a person on earth that either cares for all or

just those I know and love along with those I know and hate. So here we are people, either being a responder or an initiator playing as being God or not. Now we know all the resources here on earth man uses and does not create, do we not? Where did, do

these resources come from? Was it a big bang and all here to use and us to figure it all out , being able to think good and or bad thoughts to produce things or not? Usually in thought what we do is good, when it might not be? If was, and nothing else,and there

being no life after death then there is no life after death is there or is there? And if there is no life after death, what is the use of living here on earth. What purpose? All is futile! ? You can gain much stuff here on earth, and when die leave it to whomever, as

we all know man each one leaves all his gains and losses behind when he dies does man not do this? So tell me if nothing after this life in death, why do we live first? Why are we even born? I think there has to be a purpose, do you not? For if I am to just die

and be dead, in that is there any life? So might as well party now, for tomorrow I might die, you also. So that makes me free to do whatever I want to do, does it not you too? So tell me, being free now to do as you decide, is it good for you, me or anyone else

to harm another here on earth, that got here the same way as you? Was it not by man and woman or maybe insemination, however, you came here through flesh right? Do I, you and all have the same right to be here on earth, being born here not of your

own free will? And when you have or had Children, was it any of their free will to be born here too? To sum this up, I see this, there has to be something more to this earth we are first born on, in from man and woman, that just to live and die one day later

whether here a while or not. I say this because the first death I experienced, was me dying, at age 12. Then my Sister’s death, she was 18, died on an overdose of drugs. Then my Dad, when I was 17, then my Brother John. when I was 21 years of age. Then my

mother in 2002, however and whatever way any death happens, I want to hope their is life after this, anyone else have these type of tragedies? There is a creator of all, to me he is God, as revealed to us by Son, Jesus the Christ for us to get new life given us

in his risen life for us to be given this free of charge, just turn to him in belief and stand in this to see, I am telling you all it is worth it, To believe which is what Faith is. Now if there is or there is not, either way, what good does it do to me or you and or anyone

else to think bad thoughts of whatever has troubled us or troubles us ? I know this at age 62 now, no worries have ever helped me, not once, all they ever did was make me angry, frustrated and wanting to not have them, anyone else see this too, now?

Or has anyone reading this ever seen worry help them? I know this truth, I thought it had or does in past, why? Because I would become in thought(s) an initiator, playing God over my tragedies, and do things to get better? Like how to get over my Sister’s

death, how to get over abuse I have gone through? And you know what I found? Having a conscience of these bad happenings, never let me move forward in first accepting what is, is? Now once I saw to just accept what I have no control over as death,

I have no control over. I want to have that and no one die ever. Yet how to perform and or have that I have not. So I see worry does not do me or anyone any good, do you? So how not to worry, as like how not to initiate and play God, or how to be just a

responder to the God of Heaven and earth and more beyond? Anyone have the answer to that? I have beaten me up, in trying to find this out, so much I have died and been revived too many times now. I see to accept what is as is, whether I do good or bad,

I see I can not change me, let alone anyone else. Yet I try to help others with their problems in suggestions to them. As I now see since I can’t fix me in trying and worrying, how can I fix others, even though want to in care for them too. So what is amiss in

us each one that does care one for the other? Could it be, that when we are hearing another, we do not listen to them, whether in praise or hurt. What do I mean one might ask?

Well the last time you needed to vent and you did that, wanting too at least, And in the middle of it as you were talking, did the other(s) listening interrupt you? When that happened, did you get it out, whatever it was you were trying to get out?

When got interrupted before spewing all out what you needed to get out, was that not like that other picked up your vomit and threw it back in your face, trying to tell you how to fix it. Did, does that help? Sometimes it might seem as so, yet garbage here on

earth in thought still happens does it not? Now if you had a circle of people that just listened to you vent, and no one interrupted during your vent, would you then have gotten out, whatever was needed to be gotten out? Whether good or bad? How as people

can we now start doing this? Can we start to see to just listen until the other one is done and not interrupt them? Wait until this other says they are done, and will take feedback from you that listened? Now what to say to that other, that one just listened to?

Do we try to fix them? By our own thoughts of what we heard them say? For do I, or we not make up in our own mindsets, what we hear others say? Do we not tell them what we hear by our own makeup of the words we heard, in whatever definition we

have the word(s) we heard? Which might not as many times is not the same definition as the one that just spoke them. So in responding to them are we really responding to them in their words we heard or our own made up definitions of those words you


Does that help? the other or you in thinking you just helped that other get over their concerns? I for me, I found out this:

A dear friend, I got to know and hear, a man of care for all, listened, started a group of us doing this listening, by the name of Chris Lambert, who had has been through the Cuisinart, and made a video called Good bye Vietnam on You tube. Wow! is all I can say.

Now in being heard once a week for over two years, with at least three others in the group, I have gotten to vent and see me as if in a mirror. Others when I was done would say back to me just the words they heard me say, no interpreting them, just the

words. that resonated with me, that brought me to hear from inside me truth over error in accepting things now as they are in present time. Not in future thought(s) of what if, should have, or could have, as those are disappearing now. For what good is that

to be in future thoughts of things I wan to be? Especially if these do not happen and I get dependent on them to happen? What is my response when if it does not happen as I thought would or should? See my thought(s) are the initiator, my response is being

whatever thought(s) that have initiated me into thinking it better come true. And so many times in past, that has been the case for me and depression came in over these things I thought should be and did not happen as thought to happen. You too, I do not

know, but I do know how these stinking thinking thoughts, got me under its control to do what I would not do normally. And I hated that, in harming others over my troubles I was so focused on and can be again in an instant, especially when ever I think I

got it together, I find out I do not. So here I am and maybe you too, I do not know. Yet I do know this, I today am in training, got training wheels on to teach this mind of mine that does not mind to stay in this present second of time. To stand in that, not in the

past not in the future that is not here yet. That I find is not easy to do, yet to me I see it is worth it, to do this continually for peace of mind that passes all understanding. To be able to now use past and maybe future as past is gone, I now can learn from it

and not be mad over it. I can look at the possibilities of future and not be convinced that is what will be? For I can not predict future stuff, I can ask and stand in might and see might not get. Being like a cat hanging on a tree limb, and saying oh God if I can

learn from all mistakes made, what a wonderful future I will have then


Thank you I trust you Father thanks to Jesus risen for us all to hear and see and be new in your kind of love for all.

Homwardbound I am



just learning as I go forward into future, not past, standing in the present second, and seeing how fast the future that just came in goes out again, future goes out as past as fast as it comes in. Being trained from the creator of this universe I think is God,

The Father of the risen Son for us to get new life in his love and mercy given us by Son’s one time death for us all for reconciliation as if not one of us has ever sinned, this I see is done by God Father through Son for us all to be given new life to be led in

by him, having noting but what is in the long run good for us. First Forgiven everyone in his one time shed blood it is done John 19:30 states this. Then Hebrews 9:14-17 tells me of his will for us, that not one can get until they see what his one time death did,

we are all reconciled to Father, not any other, as forgiven as said in Col. 1:21-23 verse 22 gets me the most in thought how can that be, for us, except by his Love that is not fathomable as far as the East is from the west I see I can not stop how far that is.

When I started there in me believing I am forgiven whether I sin again or not again, that is when new life began. My mentor God sent then to me was Bob George of people to people ministries. As I heard and am learning it is truth, we all are forgiven in his

one time death, everyone, even if sin again he/she remains to us we are still forgiven from Father in of Son for us to turn from death to life as the gift, no earning it. And just trust, learn to quit trying to figure it out, where I found out is doubt, even as Eve

when she looked at the tree, it became appetizing to find out. So she ate and Adam who was there when she did this saw her not die, right away, and so in doubt he ate as well. Doubt and doing what he thought in doubt is what killed them. Doubt entered

and he died. Yet did not right away, for God Father (not known as Father then), had mercy on them and has had this on us all, whether see this or not, revealed now in risen Son for us to be new in given to us from Father once one decides to stand in beleif

and not works. Now this be what I see after that, if God himself were or is a tyrant as many I see have thought this, I had wondered this too. He would not have had mercy on them (Adam and Eve then), or clothed them, let them live to see they are not God,

yet are made in the image only as God, but not! Could God have not just killed them and started all over again? Why did he not? Because I see God does just love us all, IMHO. So see to be free and not harm others, by ever taking away their free will

Watch the Movie “ Bruce Almighty” with Morgan Freeman and Jim Carey. Where Freeman playing God to Bruce says you can do whatever you want, except take away free will from any other. See that is love to us all to hear and obey in this love for all,

to let each be as they choose to be, as I told you about in a listening group, where I have learned much deeper than ever though could, God used another person in their walk for me top hear, That be Chris Lambert.

Start your own listening group today and do as I talked of there, for being heard and not interrupted has changed me, I see this is exactly what God Father of in risen Son does for us, so stop being afraid and tell truth. I am not well enough to survive

I need Father in spirit and truth of risen Son for us all to get peace of mind being in troubles that do not quit here on earth.

Amazing grace this is to me from Chris Lambert who shared too. Was not the teacher, yet was and held nothing back as if better than us each one.


Thank you Chris my mentor in this, blessings to you in belief you have too.


Homwardbound I am thanking Father and Son for all, this allowing me to be free and screw up to learn truth over errors I have been through

I see to be just a responder to the initiator of all, God Father of risen Son, Jesus the Christ for us to turn to in belief to see and not give up, then one will see if does not give up. This I now know in not giving up.

Past onto all that might hear too, as God knows and I trust in to reveal to it to all that turn to him in belief too, not giving up when going through troubles too.





Published by


I have been a believer for a long time, and yet have not ever to this day been a good person. Wanted to be, tried to be, and found out I can't be. Even though over the years I have stopped things that are not good for me, Like Drinking too much, used drugs and caroused in sexual relations. I came to the end of me, seeing I can't be a good person, especially when trying to be as in Romans 7 talks about this truth for us all I suspect, yet I can only speak for me, I am not innocent, even if as have quit many stupid things I did not think as stupid back then. I have gone through many a tragedies, that began at age 12, actually 14, at age 12, is when I first believed, God is real period. Yet at age 14, my older Sister died in Hade Ashbury, she was 18, died on an overdose. Which did not stop me from belief to there is a God that does just love us. But it did stop me in perplexities, missing my Sister Sue Schultz. Then my Dad died at age 17, then I joined the Marine Corps at Age 18, then I was put out on a medical release in that same year, under honorable conditions. Then my oldest Brother died, I was 21 then, and heard of his death. why and went to were he died on Campus Crusade for Christ, he was found leaned against a boulder, by hikers two miles above the sanctuary there. When I drove to San Bernardino, Lake Arrowhead, CA. I was to show up at Coronae's office. Where I head them say to me, that they could not find a physical cause to my Brother's death. They had already done three Autopsies on his death. From this point forward. my belief in God has not Changed, and have and still do go through troubles here on earth, even have many times sinned again against him and others as well.. So here I am to share my Oldest Bother's last words, that he said to my other Sister on the phone before he past away here on earth. He told her, she told me, He said to my sister "GOD JUST LOVES ME" So, hear I am, telling you all, God does just love us all, Col. 1:21-23, and Romans 5:10 verify this to me. ! was at age 21 when this happened, I turned to belief stronger than ever before, even though I drank then heavily, and did Marijuana then. It took another 6 to 7 years to walk away from these. Me seeing how it is not beneficial for me. So here I am to share, with others and others to share with me, their stories in failure or success, and to just love all as I now see we are loved first by God as in 1 John 4:19 states this To see what the true definition of Love is, as I see it is revealed in 1 Cor. 13:4-7, then 13 where this type of love from God whom we don not see physically is this Love that goes on forever. This is proven to me in all that has happened to me, kind of like a Job. As I now see we all are like a Job, so, will we deny God or not, If have, will we change our mindsets from unbelief to belief to God Father personally in Risen Son over the dead one? Acts 20:21 Love from God to us all, Love from God is the fulfillment of all Law to me anyway. Thank You so join in and write or respond to the writings I hear to write, whether you agree or not, please say so. I respect others thoughts, just please respond in kindness, if you disagree, we all are given free choice to choose freely whether we agree or not

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