What is done?


What Jesus did before the crucifixion?

When Jesus walked the earth, spoke as no other man ever did. He healed all the ones his Father told him to. He did nothing and or said nothing w/o the Fathers’ leading through the Holy Spirit.

Now imagine or maybe this has happened to you. You get the message that someone you love is sick. How do we as people react to this? We get up and go right away in a hurry to see what we can do, but Jesus said to the servant that gave the message to him that this sickness was not unto death, but was for the glory of God (his Father) that he might be (the son that is) glorified through this. And Jesus did not get up right away and go unto Lazarus; he waited two days before going to Lazarus. Then he tells the disciples that their friend, Jesus’s friend now sleeps, and Jesus is on his way there to awaken him. The disciples do not understand, so Jesus tells them Lazarus is dead. He goes there and raises the dead even after 4 days had passed since his death. John 11

Notice Jesus did not worry, get all upset, stayed calm, was rest assured, and knew what his Father had told him through the Holy Ghost. All others worried, confused, distracted, mad, and angry; throwing tizzy fits and so on, because they are saying to Jesus you are too late he is dead.

Sound typical of all our belief systems, we say we belief, yet we doubt continuously. Notice! The same Holy Spirit lives in you, as was in Jesus, through your belief, and I think we I desire to hear the Spirit, and listen and do as you know you are led. If we do this I think there would be a lot less, worry, fear, anger, and eventually this perfect love would cast out all fear. One would over time walk more and more in the Holy Spirit unto perfection, even though from God’s point of view you are already perfect because of his Son Jesus Christ, the day you believed and kept seeking unto walking in the Spirit where there is no offense to the law.

PRACTICE MAKES HABIT, HABIT MAKES CHARACTERISTIC, AND CHARACTERISTIC MAKES TRAIT. So starting the practice of dying to self-daily and coming alive to God daily eventually becomes a practice. Then while in the practice long enough eventually this becomes a characteristic of you walking in the Holy Spirit of God himself, and while this continues it eventually becomes you, a trait, yet it is not you it is God through you. You no longer live, but God does through you.

Now on the opposite side you had an old trait that holds on for years. Your new practice starts to tear down your old trait. So as you grow slower than you would like and most usually give up before ever seeing the light at the far end of the tunnel. I am telling you the light is there and God is waiting for you to see through, just keep going for God is the A to The Z, and we the children are caught somewhere between the B and the Y. So I tell you Brothers and Sisters keep on moving till you get to the Z. God is real and will catch you in the palm of his hand. Just keep seeking and you will eventually get through all the way to the Z. This is what Martin Luther expressed. He saw the light and was conveying it to the world. But the thief came and stole, destroyed by killing him, yet he lives forever just not in this dimension. But in Christ’s he does forever.

Sincerely yours, in Christ


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I have been a believer for a long time, and yet have not ever to this day been a good person. Wanted to be, tried to be, and found out I can't be. Even though over the years I have stopped things that are not good for me, Like Drinking too much, used drugs and caroused in sexual relations. I came to the end of me, seeing I can't be a good person, especially when trying to be as in Romans 7 talks about this truth for us all I suspect, yet I can only speak for me, I am not innocent, even if as have quit many stupid things I did not think as stupid back then. I have gone through many a tragedies, that began at age 12, actually 14, at age 12, is when I first believed, God is real period. Yet at age 14, my older Sister died in Hade Ashbury, she was 18, died on an overdose. Which did not stop me from belief to there is a God that does just love us. But it did stop me in perplexities, missing my Sister Sue Schultz. Then my Dad died at age 17, then I joined the Marine Corps at Age 18, then I was put out on a medical release in that same year, under honorable conditions. Then my oldest Brother died, I was 21 then, and heard of his death. why and went to were he died on Campus Crusade for Christ, he was found leaned against a boulder, by hikers two miles above the sanctuary there. When I drove to San Bernardino, Lake Arrowhead, CA. I was to show up at Coronae's office. Where I head them say to me, that they could not find a physical cause to my Brother's death. They had already done three Autopsies on his death. From this point forward. my belief in God has not Changed, and have and still do go through troubles here on earth, even have many times sinned again against him and others as well.. So here I am to share my Oldest Bother's last words, that he said to my other Sister on the phone before he past away here on earth. He told her, she told me, He said to my sister "GOD JUST LOVES ME" So, hear I am, telling you all, God does just love us all, Col. 1:21-23, and Romans 5:10 verify this to me. ! was at age 21 when this happened, I turned to belief stronger than ever before, even though I drank then heavily, and did Marijuana then. It took another 6 to 7 years to walk away from these. Me seeing how it is not beneficial for me. So here I am to share, with others and others to share with me, their stories in failure or success, and to just love all as I now see we are loved first by God as in 1 John 4:19 states this To see what the true definition of Love is, as I see it is revealed in 1 Cor. 13:4-7, then 13 where this type of love from God whom we don not see physically is this Love that goes on forever. This is proven to me in all that has happened to me, kind of like a Job. As I now see we all are like a Job, so, will we deny God or not, If have, will we change our mindsets from unbelief to belief to God Father personally in Risen Son over the dead one? Acts 20:21 Love from God to us all, Love from God is the fulfillment of all Law to me anyway. Thank You so join in and write or respond to the writings I hear to write, whether you agree or not, please say so. I respect others thoughts, just please respond in kindness, if you disagree, we all are given free choice to choose freely whether we agree or not

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